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We are in the process of changing out structure, so please check back regularly.

We have the same mission, but now feel each individual or organization can provide their own labor to setup and maintain their web presence.  We are now focusing on providing free information, tips, and instructions to site owners to handle everything a webmaster used to do!

Setting up and managing your own web presence reduces bottle-necking because everything has to go through a webmaster.  Now,  it takes more time to explain what you want than to do it yourself.  Your content does not get lost in translation either.  You can also develop content better when you can see it live as you develop it.

If you are a busy owner, manager, or administrator, point one of your staff to this website to get it done!

The internet has changed drastically in the last 12 months, and there is a lot of older advice out there that does not cover today’s needs.   A website and blog need to be visible to traditional computers, tablets, and smart phones, but without having to maintain separate websites or systems.  We have found our recommendations take the least labor to get represented the most.  Our recommendations allow all your web presences to be connected using a time saving structure. We have experience helping beginners and medium skilled people, so we know what you need.









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