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These webpages contain family history for Gerald Sr. and Delores Bruce.

Johann Joachim Georg "George" Bruse 

*21 May 1830 - †24 Mar 1913


a) Because of the 1910 Hartford census, it is possible George and Mary had 11 children. Mary shows on that census as having 11 born and 6 alive at time of census. Robert E didn't die until just after the 1910 census. So for 5 that showed died on 1910 census, Amelia who died December 23,1883 is definite. So far, haven't found Sophia Marie, John C, and Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich alive after 1910, so could be part of the 5. Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich is likely listed as William H in some docs. However, a 1860 death record list for Mauch Chunk shows 3 Bruce children that died. Friedericke Anna Maria Dorothea 45 days old died after being sick 3 days. She is found in another record as being George and Mary's. There were also two other young Bruce children listed next to Friedericke in the non-alphabetized list. Wondering if they had died previously and added when reporting Friedericke. There was a George Bruce that died of fits after 12 days. There was a Mary Bruce that died of infection of lungs after 30 days. Children with the names George and Mary seem very coincidental when listed right next to Friedericke. In 1860, George and Mary had been married 5 years.

  • 21 May 1830
Wedding: 1)
Death: 2)
  • 24 Mar 1913


1) George came to PA in 1854.

2) Buried in Hartford SD.

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